Despite the convenience of VoIP, our services extends to all manner of telephone providers.

With IPXplus, every carrier can be seamlessly connected despite their region or network provider. This will offer telephone providers an improved management of data bouncing back and forth in the interconnected network.

The bandwidth efficiency and reduced cost is an attractive alternative to PTSN. It will lead to a spur in growth of your enterprise.


Sign up with us, upload your DIDs and start using our digital IPX services.

Set your origination and termination rates.

Begin sending and receiving calls at fixed rates.

Participate in our traffic exchange by registering with us. Connect with other telephone providers with only one SIP connection and manage your account using our swift API integration.


This is meant to improve call quality, allow innovative features, transparent data and billing, generates revenue and reduces cost. A verification process will be done after contacting us. You shall be informed of your verification, after which you shall provide the IP address for your origination and termination. IPXplus let's you set your own exchange origination and termination rates.

Enable and create your originating and terminating SIP trunk group(s) with an adequate capacity for SIP trunk channels.

Fix exchange rates to create profit from origination and termination.

Set ceiling rates for termination and origination.

Begin using call exchange service. Send and receive calls.



1:A higher quality of service standard and a well-defined network to carry different kinds of applications and services, ascertain your price, and create revenue from termination while reducing cost on each toll free call origination. One is also generating profit/income from origination to one's own DIDs.

2:A centralized and direct connection to our exchange partners brings about a new Era in telephone calls. You have full control while still maintaining the price production from the exchange.

3:Revenue boost. With the new patents, the flow of money can move towards telephone, providers, carriers and participating partners. IPXplus can help operators fully take advantage of the end-to-end IP networks and access new revenue streams from further services yet to come.

4:Track payment. As your intermediary, we track your payments and bills, store the data and settle each participating partners bills with our ACH. We administer Integrated traffic reporting and statistics

5: Administer network cost With our services, there will be no need to boost tandem switches or stick to the limitations of TDM. no extra cost for maintenance, or configuration. With 100% VoIP, you achieve HD quality of voice, immediately and efficiently.

6: Credible service IPXplus will do our best to settle any disputes to show our good platform and traffic for exchange. We are also very trustworthy, and data exchanged is highly protected. IPXplus boasts of a Highly secure, global private IP network, scalable and secure infrastructure. On note of our credibility, there is a sufficient capacity for reaching a critical-mass in coverage.

7: Save expenses Migrating from PSTN or other networks to VoIP will no doubt be costly. This is because on migration and after installation, your previous hardware becomes unuseful. However, this is a good price to pay for a profiting business. VoIP will help you save up on lot of money. You can save approximately 50% more and you would no longer beat a 50% loss as you did with PSTN and similar networks. VoIP is an SIP protocol, hence maintenance will hardly be an issue. No recurring fee and no participation trophy, what you invest is what you get and a reduced amount of losses will be incurred.

8: Growth As a carrier, cellular, land line provider, growth is always a goal in your organization. IPXplus can help operators fully take advantage of the end-to-end IP networks and access new revenue streams from further services yet to come. Your services aren't meant to stay stagnant. Growth is necessary, and with that comes the need to expand. It is so much cheaper and easier to increase your VoIP connections as your business grows, or interconnect with other carrier providers, exchange traffic at your agreed rates.


You simply just need to be a telephone provider. After verification, you can now be registered.

Yes. Each originating partner can set their own individual rates. No agreement is needed. Rate notifications are published on a monthly notice. and the terminating partner has the capacity to block connection if the rate is not agreeable.

Statements are accounted for on the first week of every month, following routine.

No, IPXplus allows all telephone providers, voip, land line and cellular to exchange traffic to and from all telephone numbers within North America numbering plan.

A W9 is necessary for all participating Partners. All IPXplus exchange payments for originated and terminated traffic will be reported to the IRS.

The SIP protocol is used. Supported voice codecs include G722 (HD), G711u and G729 (pass-through). For our expected video conference we support H.264 (pass-through).

No, we do not provide internet service as a part of our service. Internet service can be ordered from a different company.

No, our service provides no technical limitations. You can make as many calls to as many DIDs and store as many numbers as needed. The design of our network infrastructure allows for on demand expansion of computing resources in peek hours.

Yes, we ensure that our systems are secure on our end. We also encourage you to secure your systems on your end.

Any operator connecting via IPXplus platform can choose a multilateral interconnection mode where one interconnection contract opens multiple interconnection partners.

We utilize state of the art firewalls allowing traffic only from and to our partners. Security is a moving target with new security issues discovered every day. Out team is working hard monitoring, updating and upgrading our systems to keep up with any potential exploits and threads.

Our rootly interconnected grade one network is fully redundant and diverse to guarantee the a better quality for your communications services. Every member of our team is obligated to provide you an exquisite service and support to encourage growth and your success.

Here at IPXplus, we direct out agents to solve any disputes as soon as possible, and every decision is based on call records and logs that are kept indefinitely.

When other partner send call to your local DIDs, they are payng for the termination of the calls to your network bypasing PSTN.

When the calls are made to a toll-free number in network, the originating party is credited for each call, bypasing PSTN.

IPXplus charges very small portion of every call from a carrier that receives a payment for this call. Termination to local DIDs and origination to a toll-free DIDs are billed at the rate set and agreed upon ahead of time.